Questions FSRs are asking - NLRB Election Process
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NLRB Election Process



I've heard FSRs will use a "globe" election to join SPEEA. What is that?

Globe election refers to the "Armour/Globe" process established by the NLRB to allow a distinct segment of unrepresented employees to be included in an existing bargaining unit. The process can be used as long as there is some community of interest between the new group and some employees in the existing unit.  Since we are seeking inclusion into the SPEEA Professional unit, we must show that the FSRs are professional employees as defined by the National Labor Relations Act. 



Who decides if FSRs join or form a labor union? 

You do! Field Service Representatives will vote and decide if they will join a union and be represented and become part of SPEEA-IFPTE Local 2001.



How did the effort to join a union start?

This effort started when several FSRs contacted our union to inquire about union representation and the possibility of joining SPEEA. Those inquiries resulted in sharing of information and learning of many common issues and concerns.



What are authorization cards?

Before the recognition vote can take place, FSRs must sign union authorization cards. The cards state the desire to join a union. When enough employees sign cards, the cards and a petition requesting an election are delivered to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The NLRB then schedules and oversees a vote of the employees.



How is the election outcome determined?

It takes a simple majority (50% plus 1) of employees in the proposed bargaining unit to vote in favor of the union for employees to gain representation.



What happens after authorization cards are filed with National Labor Relations Board?

The NLRB verifies signatures from employees in the proposed bargaining unit by comparing the signed authorization cards to a list of employees (usually payroll records) supplied by the company. After determining the submitted cards represent a sufficient showing of interest from employees, the NLRB asks the union and company if they want to stipulate (agree) to an election. However, if the Employer disputes the composition of the bargaining unit, the NLRB proceeds to a hearing to determine whether the petitioned is for an appropriate bargaining unit. Once the NLRB determines the bargaining unit, a secret-ballot election is scheduled and conducted by the NLRB.



Will the company see the authorization cards?

No! Cards are submitted by SPEEA directly to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The NLRB keeps the cards and does not show them to the company or provide any information to the company regarding who signed cards.


After the election the NLRB returns the cards to SPEEA.



I've heard there is more than one NLRB process to start or join an existing union. What process are FSRs using?

FSRs are using the representation election process to join SPEEA. For this process, SPEEA files a petition with the National Labor Relations Board. This ensures FSRs are entitled to a secret ballot representation election. Employees in the proposed bargaining unit cast a "yes" or "no" vote on having SPEEA represent them for collective bargaining. Ballots are counted by an agent of the NLRB. If a simple majority of employees vote in favor of union representation, the NLRB issue a certification recognizing SPEEA as the exclusive bargaining representative of the employees.


Voluntary card check recognition is the other process unions can use to represent employees. With card check, a third party neutral, such as an arbitrator, determines if the majority of employees are interested in union representation based on the number of signed authorization cards. If a simple majority signed cards, the company agrees to recognize the union as the bargaining representative. This process is voluntary and requires agreement from the union and the company.
SPEEA is not considering a card check agreement for the FSR campaign.