Questions FSRs are asking - Joining SPEEA

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Joining SPEEA - IFPTE Local 2001



Do we have the legal right to join a labor union?

Yes! The National Labor Relations Act (a federal law) protects employees who are working to organize a labor union where they work. Whether a public agency or private company, employees have the freedom to form a union and work together to improve the quality of their jobs. It's illegal for your employer to intimidate, discriminate, or otherwise interfere in your efforts to form a union or in your decision to join a union.


Which Field Service Representatives are organizing with SPEEA?

Current US labor law (National Labor Relations Act) does not have jurisdiction outside the US. Therefore, the Field Representatives currently seeking to join SPEEA include all domestic BCA FSRs. If you are an FSR working outside the United States or in Boeing Defense Systems, contact SPEEA for organizing information.


Will FSRs lose opportunities to take international assignments if we organize?

Without a legally binding union contract, Boeing can curtail the rights of FSRs to take international assignments at any time. Currently, Field Service management is already limiting the opportunities of FSRs by hiring local workers overseas. If Boeing takes away the opportunity for domestic FSRs to take a foreign assignment as punishment for union activity, we can file charges under Section 8(a)(3) of the NLRA, which prohibits discrimination against employees who join or engage in any union activity.


Isn't voting for the union a vote against the company?

No! No one is more committed to the success of The Boeing Company than the employees who work there. As the employee representative, SPEEA shares that commitment. The commitment to work together is so important it is written into our contract as Article 20. Partnership meetings, bringing members and management together to work problems, are regularly held around the company. In CAS, meetings are held by-weekly to discuss ideas and explore opportunities to improve processes and enhance business opportunities. SPEEA, and the IFPTE, have strongly advocated for the 767 tanker and other contracts that bring work to Boeing and the employees. While disagreements between SPEEA and Boeing grab news headlines, on a day-to-day basis, having a union in place makes it easier for the company to work issues and understand the needs of employees.


Can FSRs be split into two groups based on educational background?

A two-tiered Field Service Representative (FSR) unit will not happen. Boeing does not have the authority to split FSRs into two separate units based on education. As a union, we will seek inclusion of all FSRs into the SPEEA Professional unit. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) will determine if FSRs can vote to join the Professional unit.


What if the National Labor Relations Board rules that not all FSRs belong in the Professional unit?

Our request will be for all FSRs to vote for inclusion into the SPEEA Professional unit. An NLRB ruling counter to our request is unlikely. If such a ruling is made by the NLRB Regional Director, FSRs would evaluate options and determine a course that would keep us united and bring the union representation we need.