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Joining SPEEA


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Benefits as SPEEA members


About SPEEA - IFPTE Local 2001




What is SPEEA-IFPTE, Local 2001?

The Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA) is the largest white collar union representing professional aerospace employees in the United States. Formed by engineers at The Boeing Company shortly after World War II, the union today represents nearly 25,000 aerospace workers.



Do all SPEEA members have an engineering degree?

No. SPEEA represents employees who are non-degreed and degreed. Membership and inclusion in SPEEA and the Professional unit does not require an engineering degree. The Professional unit includes scientists, physicists, mathematicians and others who do not have engineering degrees. Field Service Representatives have a strong community of interest with employees covered by the SPEEA Professional unit contract.



What jobs do SPEEA members have?

SPEEA members perform a variety of professional and technical jobs in the aerospace industry including: 


  • Engineers: Aerospace, electrical, facilities, flight, materials, mechanical, product, software, stress, structural, technical data.
  • Designer, laboratory, information technology, planner, test evaluation.
  • Administrator, technical writer, health & safety.



What companies do SPEEA members work at today?

Today, our members work at four aerospace companies. While primarily in five states, members on special assignment have worked in virtually every state and throughout the world.


SPEEA represents employees at the following aerospace companies: 


  • The Boeing Company - Washington, Oregon, California, Kansas and Utah (not all employees in these states are members) SPEEA members on DTA (Domestic Temporary Assignment) anywhere in the world are covered by the contract for up to 2 years.
  • Triumph Composite Systems, Inc., Spokane, Washington
  • Spirit AeroSystems, Inc., Wichita, Kansas
  • BAE Systems, Irving, Texas



How much are SPEEA union dues?

SPEEA due are currently $35.70 per month, among the lowest and most cost-effective dues throughout labor.



When do I have to start paying dues?

Newly-organized employees do not begin paying dues until they negotiate and ratify their contract by bargaining unit and are benefiting from a contract.


Who makes decisions at SPEEA?

SPEEA is made up of and run by its members through a strong democratic process. SPEEA members vote on all important decisions that govern the union, including electing union leaders and our representatives to the international union (IFPTE). Within bargaining units and locally, members elect their workplace representatives and approve their contract.

Professional union staff assists members in negotiating contracts, training, benefit questions and addressing workplace issues.