Questions FSRs are asking about unions

Following are questions asked by Field Service Representatives (FSR) about labor unions, working conditions, wages, benefits and the effort to gain union representation for domestic FSRs in Boeing Commercial Airplanes.


Questions & Answers are now divided into 4 sections. General questions about labor unions are below. Visit the pages linked below for other questions and answers.


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General Questions about labor unions



What is a labor union?

A labor union is an organization of employees that provides a collective and strong voice when dealing with a company. Workers who are part of a labor union bargaining unit at work have help and assistance that is on their side when problems, issues or improvements are sought for pay, benefits and working conditions. Without a labor union, employees must rely on their own skills and personal resources to deal with workplace issues.


As a union, members negotiate a contract with their employer. The contract clearly spells out pay, benefits, working conditions and many other important issues and concerns. This legally-binding document guarantees that items agreed to during contract negotiations cannot be arbitrarily changed.



What will joining a union guarantee?

Forming a union can only guarantee one thing: When workers stick together and work together they have more bargaining power than any one employee has alone.



Do union members have more rights than employees without a union?

Yes, federal laws give union-represented employees additional protections that employees without a union do not have. The most significant protection is the Weingarten Rights. In this landmark decision, The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that an employee covered by a union is allowed, and cannot be denied if they request, a union representative to be present during an interview that may result in discipline.